Who we are

Tokosoms modern factory in Zukowo, Poland.

Who we are

TEKOSOM PRODUCES high quality garments for premium brands.
The company headquarters are located in Kalmar, Sweden.
Production takes place in Zukowo, Poland and Ternopil, Ukraine.

TEKOSOM SUPPLIES ready made garments. That means we manage the entire process from pattern to shipping.
We are also a development partner to W. L. Gore & associates. And we take great pride in assisting our clients in the development process and helping them finding the best ways to achieve their goals.
Tekosom is a Gold Level certified manufacturer of Gore-Tex products.

AT PRESENT TEKOSOM has 220 employees – 140 in Poland and 80 in Ukraine.
Since our business is expanding our intention is to encrease the number of employees.

CEO says

”The best thing about my job is to see people grow with responsibility. I’m so proud of my talented seamstresses and of my management – of all of the talented individuals around me. I’m impressed with their energy and the way they take on new challenges. I’m equally proud of our customers. Their great knowledge forces us to be on our toes”

Michael Johansson, CEO Tekosom

We offer: Production of Ready-made garments • Production of prototypes samples
and production cuts • sourcing and acquiring of materials and components • know-how and ingenuity

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