Four important contracts – and a new years wish!

In 2016 Tekosom has landed four contracts from government authorities in Scandinavia. The contracts are worth in total 15 million SEK.
But the biggest and most important tender is still to be evaluated.

Participating in procurements concerning technical wear to government authorities in Scandinavia Poland, Germany and Great Britain is part of a long-term plan with the intention to increase Tekosoms competitiveness.

And so far the plan has been a success.

– In 2015 and 2016 we have entered five procurements. So far we have won four of them. They all concern deliveries to the Norwegian army. The contracts are worth 15 million SEK. But we are still waiting for the outcome concerning the fifth contract. Since it is the biggest of the five we are very exited, says Tekosoms CEO, Michael Johansson.

A strong combination

Tekosom is now taking measures to be even more competitive in this market.

– We are building our team in Poland to increase our readiness to manage offers. For one thing we  are strengthening our organisation so we are able to surveil the bid market better. But of course we will also continue to work with private companies, like we always have. It’s the combination that make us strong.

– Our experience and great knowledge concerning materials in relation to technical specifications. I would say that is the crucial factor, says Michael Johansson, who is over all very pleased with 2016.

– It has been an exiting year. I would like to thank my staff and employees for a great job in 2016. And of course I would like to thank all of our customers. Together we will make 2017 a fantastic year.

Tekosom wishes all staff, employees and customers a happy new year, and hope for a fantastic 2017.